Reel Play Poker - Jacks or Better Video Slots Review

We have seen the birth of many new Online Casino Games over the years and the majority of ground-breaking games happened to mostly be Microgaming creations. The Slot Machine and the traditional game of Poker Real Time Gaming > were fused many moons ago which brought to us the well-loved game of Video Poker. Who knew that it would be taken a step further by fusing Online Slots and Online Video Poker! A brand new way of playing Multi-Hand Video Poker was presented to players recently when Microgaming launched "Reel Play Poker - Jacks or Better", which is the first in their series of Reel Play Poker Games. Reel Play Jacks or Better and future additions to the series of games can be found at great Microgaming Casinos such as Red Flush Online Casino.

Reel Play Jacks or Better is a 5 Reel Video slot machinesrules of baccarat for the clever combination being such as huge success is because players are presented with great features that Video Slots have to offer along with the speed and skill that Multi-Hand Video Poker Games offer. Players can achieve winning combinations by landing Video Poker Hand Rankings on the reels and the payouts are based on general Poker Hand Payouts.

Reel Play Jacks or Better has a maximum jackpot of 16,000 that can be achieved when landing a Royal Flush. The coin denomination ranges from 0.01 to 0.25 and the maximum bet is 400 coins. The biggest attraction of the game red flush casino is the fact that players can manually "hold" the reels which greatly helps to achieve a winning hand. Reel Play Jacks or Better is easy to play casino games and offers lots of fun filled action with something different and unique to what Slots and Video Poker players are used to. In terms of innovative, fresh and exciting Online Casino Games, Microgaming did well with Reel Play Jacks or Better and we are looking forward to future releases in the series!