How to Choose the Best Online Slots Game for You

The wonderful world of online slots has a huge variety of shades and colors to choose from. Aside from the entertaining and colorful character selection, online casino gamers can select from multi-line, 3 or 5 reel machines, progressive slots and more. Here is just a taste of the variety that you'll enjoy when you take the plunge into this exciting world of online gambling.

Slots Variations to Explore

Dollar ball: Dollar ball slots give players even better chances to win big. With this feature, you can choose your own "lucky numbers" before you spin. If the dollar ball falls on one of your selected numbers you win! It doubles the winnings and the fun without increasing your losses.

Progressive slots: These online slots take a percentage of every single bet, and add it to the progressive jackpot total. When playing the maximum bet, you have a chance at winning it all, and these payouts are incredibly substantial, so take a spin.

Video multi-spin: Like the rush of watching those reels spinning away wildly? Why stop that feeling with just one spin? With multi-spin technology, players can enjoy feeling that thrill multiple times per game. In addition to that great buzz, multi-spin games allow you to put a hold on lucky symbols, holding their spots while the others spin around them. This feature helps to up your chances of winning more money and more often.

Other variations include classic single line slots, classic multi-line slots, multi-line video slots, and others!